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“How do we rebuild today’s world?” – workshop led by Andreeas Novacovici and CristianLupu

Today, during the workshop “How do we rebuild today’s world?”, children and young people, representatives of the organizations #WorldVisionRomania, #CSELTME (Students’ School Council, Mihai Eminescu Theoretical High School, Bârlad) and #BunăziuacopiidinRomania Association, wrote a presentation message of the closing activity of the Youth Forum, held in Bucharest, the Parliament Palace, November 17-19, 2022.

“Let’s think about another current issue. Pollution…

Pollution is one of the biggest problems encountered at global level, which affects young people directly and negatively. The world was from the beginning nature. From the beginning of time, with the appearance of bacteria and the formation of microorganisms, nature contributed to the development of life forms on Earth. This is how humans arose and the continuing decline of society .

People are the main cause of these injustices, because the desire for individuality is above the moral. War, starvation, poverty… Different pollutants spread in the atmosphere continuously pollute the planet, which leads to the formation of the greenhouse effect and the occurrence of climate change. “

The workshop was led by our colleagues Andreeas Novacovici and #CristianLupu.

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