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Conference organised by #FONPC, #CARE France and #SERA Foundation Romania 

Today a part of the Isaccea humanitarian Blue Dot ? are attending the conference organised by #FONPC, #CARE France and #SERA Foundation Romania with huge contribution of the member organizations us included.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to have joined forces with this wonderful team of people and organizations that are there to help. Anytime and anywhere.

A short history of how the Blue Dot started.

Last year UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and #UNICEF Romania joined forces and decided to start a humanitarian framework in Romania. We all were in desperate need of organic assistance due to the fact this was the first time when Romania was in this situation.

CARE France were the first international relief agency to come help in Isaceea. They were at all borders with Ukraine.

We were funded by CARE through the SERA Foundation Romania and the federation that we are part of, FONPC.

After that, UNICEF Romania were everywhere at the borders with Ukraine ??, everywhere. They decided to localise their humanitarian assistance and this is how many social services organizations were involved in the implementing partnerships.

Asociația YouHub Association România is coordinating the Isaccea border with Ukraine under UNICEF and CARE leadership and funding.

Time flies when you do the work you like, we are helping all people in need and this is our mission.

Thank you to all our YouHub Social services colleagues, our donors and our partners.

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