Conference enrollment criteria

Enrollment criteria

Through this conference we aim to generate a space for discussion and participation of children, young people, professionals from public and private services, together with representatives of national and county authorities, university teachers and researchers, PhD students and representatives of non-governmental, national and international organizations , which will:

  • address possible directions of action in support of young people who have left the child protection system;
  • supports the participation of children and young people in the constant and structured dialogue with national and international institutions and organizations;

The papers/presentations must be drawn up in accordance with the rules imposed by the Romanian Academy. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited!

Can also register papers/presentations:


University teaching staff

Specialists in the fields of interest of the conference.

YouTalks sections

Topic: Child Protection System after 30 years of democracy.


Social assistance


Theology-Social Assistance


The topics of interest of the conference are:

Domestic and international adoption


Access to health services

Access to education