8 years of activity – YouHub Association

Message from the President and CEO of the YouHub Association on the occasion of the YouHub Association’s 8th anniversary
“8 years ago, on 22 October, my colleagues and I signed ✍️ the founding documents 📑 for YouHub Association Romania.
Today is our founding day, we can’t believe that 8 years have passed so quickly.
We were 3 members and few volunteers at the beginning and now we are a full time dedicated staff.
We have had a lot of community support activities and advocacy campaigns for child protection legislation, international adoptions, social service improvement projects, case management partnerships and advocacy for good ministerial orders for the protection system. I have worked with children in both public and private child protection services to develop independent living skills and develop their artistic skills 🎭🎨🖼️🎤 for the past 8 years.

We are now working with 200 children from different counties in Romania, we have been selected to work with USAID and international partners to provide a global framework of support for Care Leavers around the world 🌎 to organize a network that will help young people in their efforts to advocate for their rights and support them to achieve their goals.
I am a Care Leaver and this motivation is shared by the entire team at YouHub. we will help however we can.Not alone, we work with local organisations, small grassroots groups, institutions and federations both national and international.–Last year @Youhub Association with the support of @UNICEF Romania, CARE International, Sera Foundation and FONPC members we started the Blue Dot 🔵 Humanitarian Assistance Program on the border of Isaccea with Ukraine.Thank you for supporting our efforts.Thank you 🙏”
Drd. Andreeas Novacovici

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